How To Make A Side Table Look Better In Your Kitchen

Many people overlook the importance of setting up a stylish side table in their kitchen – but the truth is it can make a big difference. Adding just the right piece of furniture to your kitchen can create a more functional and inviting space that will help you get more out of your cooking and dining experiences. Here are some tips on ensuring your side table looks better than ever in your kitchen.

side table kitchen

What is a Side Table?

A side table is a great way to add extra storage, seating and visual appeal to your kitchen. You can make your own or buy one pre-made, but there are a few things to remember when selecting one.

First, think about what you need for the table. Do you need extra storage space? Seating? Or do you want something to add some visual appeal? side table kitchen

Second, consider what kind of tabletop you’d like. A wooden tabletop is traditional, but you can also choose a more modern option like glass or metal.

Third, think about how big you want the table to be. Smaller tables are perfect for smaller kitchens, while more extensive tables are better suited for larger kitchens.

side table kitchen

Fourth, decide on your style. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, go with a wooden tabletop and a conventional seat. If you’re looking for something more modern, go with a glass or metal tabletop and choose something more contemporary, like chairs or stools. side table kitchen

Finally, deciding on the colour and finish of the table is up to you. You can choose something natural like wood or stone finishes or something more brightly coloured like paint or vinyl finishes.

Types of Side Tables

A few different types of side tables can be used in any kitchen, and each has its own benefits. A round table is easy to move around and can be used as a breakfast nook or a workspace for preparing dinner. A rectangular table is perfect for larger families or groups and can double as a buffet or sitting area. Finally, an L-shape table is the most versatile option because it can comfortably seat four people and doubles as a desk or workspace.

To choose the right type of side table for your needs, consider what you plan on using it. A round tabletop is the best option if you only need it for breakfast or small snacks because it’s small enough to store away when not in use but big enough to accommodate plenty of food. If you plan on having large meals at your table more often, go with a rectangular one instead since it’s more spacious and will hold more food without taking up too much space. And if you need both options (round and rectangular), go with an L-shape table so that everyone in your family has their spot to sit while eating.

side table kitchen

Once you’ve chosen the correct type of side table for your kitchen, there are still some things you’ll need to consider before setting it up. First, ensure the tabletop is level so everything looks uniform; then select the correct size furniture chair or stool to fit underneath it; finally, decide.

How to Make a Side Table Look Better in Your Kitchen

Adding a side table to your kitchen can make it feel more extensive and functional. There are things you can do to make your side table look better, and here are four tips:

Choose a suitable material

Wood is classic, but metal or plastic tables also look good in a kitchen. Make sure they’re sturdy enough to hold all your pots and pans!

Add some detail. It can give a simple wooden table extra interest with finials or brackets on the legs or paint it bright. If you have space, adding plants or flowers to the table can add personality and flair.

Choose the right tabletop accessories

Tablecloths, placemats, and napkins add height and visual interest to your side table – make sure they’ll fit! And if you want to keep things clean, try a glass top for your table instead of wood or plastic.

Use light colors for a modern look. Bright colors can be fun in a kitchen – just be sure they don’t clash with other appliances or walls! Try neutrals like white or light grey instead for an airier look that will still work with any decorating style.


If you want to make your kitchen beautiful and make it look more organized and spacious, a side table is a great way to do that. In this article, we’ve shared some tips on making sure your side table looks its best in your kitchen. Be sure to read through our tips before getting started so that you get the perfect result!

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