How To Make A Cocomelon Bed Set That Looks Amazing In Your Home

Cocomelon beds are a popular choice for many homeowners because they can add a touch of elegance to any room in your home. But what do you need to know if you’re considering buying one? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying and setting up a coco melon bed, from the different types of sets available to the materials you’ll need to get started.

What is a cocomelon bed set?

A coco melon bed set is a beautiful and unique way to add some fun flare to your bedroom. Cocomelons are small, tropical fruits that resemble limes. They come in many colors and can use in various ways, from furniture to accessories.

You will need some supplies to make your own coco melon bed set. First, you will need some wood pieces around 18 inches square. You can use any wood, but oak is the best because it looks beautiful and is strong. Once your wood pieces are cut, it’s time to start assembling the bed set.

First, put one of the wood pieces on the ground to form a base. Then, take the other piece of wood and place it on top of the first one so they are both levels. Now, add another piece of wood on top of that to have a three-layer platform. Finally, add the last layer of wood and screw it into place using wood screws or nails.

How To Make A Cocomelon Bed Set That Looks Amazing In Your Home

Your coco melon bed set is finished! You can now decorate it however you want using different shades of paint or fabric. If you’re going to make it even more special, try adding details like leaves or flowers.

How to make a cocomelon bed set

Making a coco melon bed set is a great way to add beauty and nostalgia to your home. Cocomels are old-fashioned beds that were popular in the early 1900s. They’re made from two pieces of wood that connect at the top and bottom with dowel pins. You can find plans for these beds online or in sewing magazines.

To make your coco melon bed set, you will need the following:

Piece of wood, at least 36″ x 18″

One piece of wood, at least 24″ x 16″

One piece of wood, at least 12″ x 8″

Eight dowel pins (6 inches long)

Wood glue or school bus yellow spray paint

To make the bed frame:

  • Cut the first piece of wood to 36″ x 18″.
  • Mark a line 8″ down from the top of the piece of wood and cut it out. That will be your base.
  • Drill a 3/8″ hole in the center of the base and insert a dowel pin. Glue or nail the top of the second piece of wood to the bottom of the first piece, ensuring that the lines you drew in step 1 are lined up correctly. That will create your bed frame. Let dry.
How To Make A Cocomelon Bed Set That Looks Amazing In Your Home

To make the headboard and footboard:

  • Cut each piece of wood to 24″ x 16″. Mark a line down one side to form an “X.” Now drill a 1/2″ hole through each X and attach it with screws (or nails).
  • Paint each piece of wood a different color and let it dry. Once they’re painted, attach them to your bed frame with screws or nails.

Materials needed

Cocomelon bed set

  • Paint or a sealant to protect the wood
  • Chairs or a couch to put the bed on
  • Small mirror or picture frame to put on the wall above the bed
  • Bedspread or large fabric piece to cover the bed and pillowcase
  • Rugs or pieces of cloth to cover the floor around the bed
  • Decorative pillows for added décor
  • Wicker baskets, plants, or flowers for added color and interest
  • Lights, if desired


  1. Remove the bed from the box and remove it from the packaging. If you are painting the wood, you will need to prepare it first. Apply a sealant to the wood and then paint it any color you want. Allow the paint to dry completely.
How To Make A Cocomelon Bed Set That Looks Amazing In Your Home
  1. If you use chairs or a couch, put them in place around the bed’s perimeter. Place the bedspread or large fabric piece over the mattress and pillowcase. It should tuck in this edge to look like a pillowcase cover.
  2. Decorate the bed with pillows, baskets, plants, or flowers. You can also add lights if desired.

How to assemble a cocomelon bed set

If you’re looking to inject style into your bedroom, a coco melon bed set is a perfect way. This type of bed features colorful, frilly sheets and a canopy bed that looks straight out of a fairytale.

To assemble a coco melon bed set, start by choosing your sheets. You can select traditional sheets or ones with designs printed on them. Decide whether you want an all-cotton set or if you want some padding as well.

Next, find a canopy bed that matches your sheet color and print. Choose a sturdy mattress that is not too heavy to be jumped on and pulled around.

How To Make A Cocomelon Bed Set That Looks Amazing In Your Home

Finally, put together the rest of the pieces of your coco melon bed set by purchasing curtains, pillows, and headboards. Ensure everything is coordinated, so the set looks cohesive and beautiful in your bedroom!
A coco melon bed set is perfect if you want a colorful and whimsical addition to your bedroom.

Tips for creating a beautiful cocomelon bed set

Cocomelon beds are one of the unique bed sets that you can make for your home. They combine a cocoon and a bed, and they look fantastic when set up in your bedroom or living room. Here are some tips for creating a beautiful coco melon bed set:

  1. Choose a suitable fabric. Cocomelon beds are made from soft fabric, so choose something comfortable to sleep on. Consider choosing a light-colored fabric to help brighten up your room.
  2. Make the cocoon frame. To prepare the cocoon, you will need wire mesh and wood pieces about 2×4 inches square. The frame’s dimensions will vary depending on how giant your cocoon is, but it should be about 12 inches wide by 18 inches long. Glue the mesh onto the wood pieces and then attach the ends of the fabric using ties or loops (see picture below).
  1. Assemble the cocoon bed set. Once you have made the frame, it is time to assemble the bed set! Start by unfolding one side of the fabric to cover one side of the frame. Then fold over one end of the material so it overlaps on top of one back of the structure (see picture below). Ensure all edges are neatly folded before continuing to step 4.
  2. Tie down all four corners of the fabric with ties or loops (

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